An intriguing aspect of homeopathy is the knowledge and insight we gain from our homeopathic ‘Provings’.

The term ‘Proving’ was used by Hahnemann to describe the process we use to discover the healing properties of individual substances. A proving is a process that involves giving minute doses of substances to healthy volunteers and observing the reactions they experience. The reactions – physical, mental and emotional – are recorded then collated into a body of work known as a Proving. Provings reveal the particular healing properties of substances and help us in selecting the best remedy for a person.

Provings will be an integral part of the Academy course in future years and the results will be posted here.

Some students in the Fourth Year of the Academy have conducted a Homeopathic Proving as their final project. These Provings have been completed:

Niobium metallicum
Orphopanax horridus ~ Devil’s Club
Procyon Lotor ~ Racoon
Chanel No. 5 Perfume (to be posted soon)
Castor canadensis ~ North American Beaver

Peter Fraser, one of the Directors of the Academy has coordinated and collated many provings which can be seen at